Litterbox Massacre - Welcome to the Scratching Post CD

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Discography #:
JIR 005
Justified Insanity Records
Litterbox Massacre
Welcome to the Scratching Post
Jewel Case CD
April 28, 2019
April 7, 2020
Brutal Slamming Catcore

Product Overview

Bringing the cat-themed slammage in a brand new hilarious effort, Litterbox Massacre give us a masterpiece we never knew we needed. Combining cats, and brutal Death Metal/Deathcore elements amongst hilarious and off-the-wall comedy in both releases. This dynamic duo is not to be messed with, hailing from 2 different regions of the world, LBM combines the efforts of Alex Ives (Artificial Pathogen) on vocals and Alex Sevigny (Planetkiller, Divine Destruction) performing all instrumentals.

So load up on cat nip and strap in for a wild ride. To make this fun release a little extra special, we are including a miniature cat toy inside every order!! So when the package shows up at your doorstep, not only will you be stoked, but your cat will also be bouncing off the walls with excitement and moshing along with you. This release also includes a 4 panel lyric booklet so you can read all of the hilarious details inside.

For Fans Of: Facelift Deformation, Mental Cruelty, Rendered Helpless, Gamma Sector
1. Welcome To The Scratching Post
2. Force Fed Hairballs (ft. Larry & Bryce of Disciples Of Exile)
3. Rug Defiler
4. My Bowls Half Empty
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review