Dysentery - Fragments CD

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Discography #:
COMA 083
Comatose Music
Jewel Case CD
Release Date:
July 10, 2015
Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Boston, MA

Product Overview

We have the iconic classic album from Boston slam tyrants Dysentery with their 2015 full length 'Fragments'. A violent fusion of guttural deathgrind and groove laden beatdown, featuring 13 tracks. This album is the band's most punishing slab of precision brutality to date. With the subtlety of a brick to the face, Dysentery are primed to once again to decimate eardrums with 'Fragments'.

With cover artwork by Marco Hasmann and printed with a 12 panel lyric booklet. Please note this is a distribution only release from Comatose Music and not an official Justified Insanity pressing.

For Fans Of: Visceral Disgorge, Wormed, Disentomb, Cephalic Impurity

1. Onset
2. Led to Terminal Ignorance
3. Paranoid Division
4. Grave Evolution
5. Reflections of Repugnance
6. Invocation of Parallel Bloodlet
7. Neurological Snare
8. Immersed Into Misanthropic Turmoil
9. Veiled Narcissism
10. Within Descending Skies They Will Suffer
11. Voice of Deprivation
12. Divinity From the Void
13. Oblivion

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review