Cranial Contamination - Full Discography Bundle [2 CDs]

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Discography #:
RF 009 + 020
Reality Fade Records
Cranial Contamination
Album 1:
From the Absence of Existence
Album 2:
Engineered Human Obsolescence
Brutal Death Metal
Bridgwater, England

Product Overview

We are now officially carrying both albums from United Kingdom's Brutal Death Slam purveyors Cranial Contamination

This bundle is the Collector's Full Discography Bundle which contains BOTH of the EP releases by Cranial Contamination, which is their entire discography to date. The 2 albums are:
-From The Absence of Existence (2018)
-Engineered Human Obsolescence (2016) [Re-Released 2019]

For Fans Of: Organectomy, Splatterpuss, Cryptic Enslavement, Embryectomy
Please note these are distribution only releases from Reality Fade Records and not official Justified Insanity pressings.

For tracklistings & further details, please visit the individual product pages.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review