Cadaverous Contingency - Collector's Bundle [2 CDs]

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Discography #:
CHG 205/206
Chugcore Records
Cadaverous Contingency
2 CD Bundle
Album 1:
World Hate EP
Album 2:
Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Murfreesboro, TN

Product Overview

We are now officially carrying the 2 most recent releases from Christian Slamming Brutal Death Metal act Cadaverous Contingency. Featuring members of Abated Mass of Flesh, Numbered With the Transgressors, and vocals by Jacob Mathes (ex-Broken Flesh) on the 'Aboliton' release.

This bundle is the Collector's Bundle which contains BOTH of the most recent releases by Cadaverous Contingency, which is their entire discography besides two Demo releases The 2 albums are:
-Abolition (2018)
-World Hate (2015)

For Fans Of: Guttural Secrete, Dysmorfectomy, Cranial Contamination, Broken Flesh

Please note these are distribution only releases from our partner label Chugcore, and not official Justified Insanity pressings.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review