Abated Mass of Flesh - Eternal Harvest CD

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Discography #:
CHG 223
Chugcore Records
Abated Mass of Flesh
Eternal Harvest
Jewel Case CD
August 25, 2017
May 14, 2019
Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Murfreesboro, TN

Product Overview

Heavy worship comes in the form of Abated Mass of Flesh, surely one of the heaviest known bands to play Christian metal, these guys play straight up Slamming Brutal Death. This incredibly ambitious act writes like crazy having put forth 6 or more albums/mini releases since they began in 2011. Brutal, gritty groovy, chugging riffs, and ultra guttural slamming sickness dominate this 8 track mini-album.

This release is one of their newer albums, the 2017 release 'Eternal Harvest' which has previously been unavailable for quite some time, now re-printed with an adjusted layout design. This is the Chugcore pressing released in May 2019 which includes a 4 panel lyric booklet.

For Fans Of: Maggot Colony, Epicardiectomy, Broken Flesh, Internal Devour
1. Premonitions Of The Infected
2. Drowning Beneath
3. The Longest Thorn
4. Violence
5. Caverns (ft. Sammy Slamdance)
6. Avulsion
7. Deathcrusher
8. Descending Upon The Deceased
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review